Welcome To The Website Of Regata2000 Bt. !     NEW!!! IDBF licensed dragon boat manufacturing!

New product! Italian made floating dock system!

We are specialized in making marathon boats in excellent quality!

Our boats are used by world champion marathon athlets.




Our Company Manufactures And Trades In Racing And 

Tourist Canoe, Kayak And Dragon Boats.

We Build Boats For Competitors And Tourists As Well.

Here You Can Find All Information About Our Products.

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(Seaeagle inflatables:  www.seaeagle.hu , Sport garments: www.moira-hu.hu )

New Product!!!

Floating Dock System made in Italy!

New Racing Kayak Models

Surf Kayak Models

New Canoe Models

New Kayak Models

New Tourist Kayak Models
- Bull

- Scorpion

- Lancer

New Kayak Models  (2009-2010)

New Kayak Models  (2007-2008)


New Canoe Models  (2007-2008)



Dragon Boat  New!!!


K-1 Portugal


K-2 Polish


K-4 Polish


C-1 Ungaro+


C-1 Polish Type


K-1 Polish Heavy Weight


K-1 Polish Light Weight


C-2 Polish


K-2 Polish


K-1 Holmann Type


K-1 Tourist


K-1 Tourist


Tourist Canoe


C-1 Ungaro+


K-1 Polish Type


K-1 Portugal Type


K-1 American Type


C-2 Polish


K-2 Polish


K-2 Portugal