Company History: Regata2000 Bt.

Headquarters: Bibó u. 2/a , Budakeszi , 2092. , Hungary .

Chief Executive: Prof.Árpi Tóth Master Trainer

Former Canoe Trainer Of The Hungarian National Team

And Of The Italian National Team




Major Results As A Trainer On International Championships:







We have clients all around the world (Hungary, Italy, Netherland, Germany,

France, Spain, England, Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia,

Slovenia, Jugoslavia, Greece, Canada, China). All of them are very content

with our boats.


Our boats were participated successfully on the international championships.


The main principle of the company is to make quality boats for moderate

prices. This way we try to give satisfaction and possibility for good reasults

for a wider community. We hope we can assist this sport a little to get more



Best Regards!

Árpád Tóth